Why We’re Different

security robot - gamma 2 roboticsALD (Automated Landmark Discrimination)

Determines which objects the robot can use to navigate by. Likes walls and doors, ignores boxes and tables.

CCD (Coherent Change Detection)

Determine changes in the ambient conditions that might signal a dangerous condition, i.e. a new noise, a strange sound, activity where none was before.

OCR (Object Classification and Recognition)

The robot can recognize objects, including people. Coming features include facial recognition and body recognition, as well as integration with access control systems to determine who are authorized personnel and who are intruders.

SP (Simulated Personality)

While we can’t invent a robot with a real personality, we can simulate a personality to assist the robot in working with humans.

The robots carry a variety of sensors to help fulfill their role as security and safety observers. The robots act as mobile smoke and fire detectors. A gas sensor can detect carbon monoxide or volatile hydrocarbons that might indicate a gas leak. Temperature and humidity sensors will report on the efficiency and operations of critical HVAC systems in food processing or data centers for example. The FLIR camera can take temperatures remotely and monitor equipment at a distance. Additional sensor channels are available for customer-specified equipment like radiation detectors, special gas detectors or RFID readers.

Emergency equipment on the robot includes: two-way video and voice communications, a very loud siren, flashing amber strobe lights, bright headlights, and a voice synthesizer that allows the robot to speak or act as a mobile announcement station in event of an emergency procedure.