Why Gamma 2 Robotics?

security robot - gamma 2 roboticsSecurity Robots for the Security Industry

Our security robots have been designed from the ground up specifically for the security industry by experienced security professional. The robot, control system and support network are designed to be robust, rugged and reliable, as well as simple to operate.

RAMSEE is a Security Robot – he is a deep technology designed to DISRUPT the more than $140 billion Commercial Security market. RAMSEE will save customers more than 25% in labor costs, and up to 75% if he works a 24-hour shift. 

The security industry routinely faces 100-300% turnover. By the time a guard is recruited, background checked, drug tested and trained he is on the job for an average of 8 weeks, and then the position turns over.  It’s a costly revolving door that really frustrates customers. 

When a new robot reports for work, the first step is mapping the environment. The robot can either be remotely guided through the space via a joystick or via a map interface using point-and-click technology.

Once the map is made, the operators can clean up and edit areas that the robot may not be allowed or that would be unsafe for patrols.

RAMSEE is fully autonomous, artificially intelligent and loaded with sensors that provide actionable data.