System Integrators

System Integrators Can Save Money and Enhance Revenue Streams

Over the past several years security system integrators have seen revenues under pressure as costs of operations continue to rise and competition increases.

According to SDM Magazine, in addition to seeing a 4% annual decline in revenues in recent years, “integrators are facing sharp curves in adoption of new technology infrastructure and new service models.”

Gamma 2 Robotics understands the economic challenges and the technological developments that are changing how the security industry services customers – and how system integrators can reduce customer operational expenses while simultaneously creating new revenue opportunities.

System Integrators play an important role in helping businesses of all sizes with the analysis, design, installation and monitoring of security operations. Gamma 2 Robotics works directly with system integrators to ensure complete client satisfaction. The RAMSEE robot and security system provide a valuable array of new security services that can increase revenues while enhancing security. These range from roaming capture of video surveillance to temperature, humidity, smoke, and gas sensors. These are services that are in high demand in a variety of client settings such as warehouses, distribution centers, data centers, shopping malls and more.

Cost savings are instantly realized with reduction in salaries and overhead for personnel. RAMSEE can replace certain personnel and augment the skills and services of others. For example, if a facility is large enough to warrant a security control center; the robot can be used to provide video, intrusion detection, motion alerts and other warnings to staff that must monitor large facilities.

When you work with Gamma 2 Robotics you provide services that are in high demand by your customers and increase recurring monthly revenue (RMR) with service contracts on the robots. It is the best of both worlds. Call us today to learn more.