ROAM at ASIS 2015

Gamma 2 Robotics, makers of the world’s first artificially intelligent security robots, demonstrated how its driverless autonomous robots can be controlled on-demand using its latest ROAM software platform at this past week’s ASIS security conference in Anaheim, CA.

The Robot Oversight and Management (ROAM) platform allows security providers and end users alike to take control of their fleet of autonomous robots through an intuitive software interface. ROAM allows security professionals to log in and remotely monitor, change patrols or direct any security robot in its fleet to perform a new task using this remote access software platform. 

“Whether you want to monitor the robot’s data feeds and alerts, remotely change its post orders or drive the robot to a particular area to put ‘eyes on incident,’ the ROAM platform allows the user to take control of the robot from any location in the world,” stated Gamma 2 Robotics President and CEO Lew Pincus. 

ROAM features an open API for integration into existing security operations and monitoring systems including Physical Security Information Management systems (PISMs) and Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC). As security robots make their way into the security market as a new low cost guarding solution, the ROAM platform will be an essential tool for monitoring, managing and responding to incidents in real time. The ROAM system allows users to monitor all sensor data coming from these machines plus provide video and data records for post order compliance and incident management.

“This new guard bot solution is a win/win for everyone because of a force multiplier effect,” continued Pincus. “Security companies and customers win by deploying a new lower cost more reliable solution for their guarding needs in certain dull, dirty and dangerous overnight patrol shifts. Security guards benefit by getting reassigned to new more suitable shifts. Security providers win by having more labor available without additional new hires, thereby providing stability in a business plagued with high turn-over and constant price pressure to lower labor costs.” 

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