Pilot Projects

Test and Evaluation

Unlike a simple camera or access control device, putting a security robot to work can seem challenging. At Gamma 2 Robotics we understand that it can be difficult to get a sense of the benefits and costs of this new technology. We also understand that you need to be comfortable with the technology before you can put the robots to work as part of your overall security plan. 

Training the security team to use their newest securtiy asset

Site evaluation confirms all aspects of a candidate site for a pilot project before the client commits to bringing the security robot on-board for evaluation.

To simplify the process of learning more about this powerful new security tool, we have developed a pilot program that enables you to both learn more about the benefits of the technology and experience those benefits in your own facility.

We look at a staged process that develops a pilot project in a step by step manner, beginning with a needs assessment and culminates in a long term pilot project.  The steps also provide multiple points to evaluate the benefits and confirm that it makes sense to take the next step. If it turns out at any stage in the process that the robot is not going to meet your needs, it is easy to terminate the pilot to minimize the disruption and costs to all parties.

The steps are these:

  1. express interest in a pilot
  2. discuss needs, motivation, and goals with G2R
  3. evaluate whether a RAMSEE security robot will meet those needs
  4. perform a site visit
  5. confirm that the proposed site is viable
  6. set up a short (less than 1 day) site demonstration
  7. evaluate site suitability and client expectations
  8. set up and run a full pilot
  9. evaluate the pilot, and get ready to put security robots to work


Our goal is to demonstrate that RAMSEE will provide real value to you, your security team, and your business. If we can’t demonstrate that, you will not be a satisfied client, and we want our clients to be happy with their robots.

For more details about the specific needs and responsibilities of both the client and the G2R team, check out this description.