Our Story

robotic security - gamma 2 roboticsCreate reliable, autonomous and affordable robots for the security industry

Gamma 2 Robotics was originally founded by two PhDs whose theory was to develop an artificially intelligent brain to self-locate the robot within an indoor environment, and then process sensor data to perform security patrols independent of human oversight.

Building on what the founders developed as a prototype, The company recruited a world-class robotics team to build a commercially viable product to perform security tasks and act as a force multiplier for the industry.  Those efforts resulted in RAMSEE.

RAMSEE the security robot is designed to provide a robust, rugged and reliable low-cost solution to the rising cost of human labor in an industry plagued by high turnover, poor reliability and increased risks associated with protecting people, property and valuable assets. This disruptive new “smart” technology augments security labor to reduce costs, increase the predictability and reliability of performance and mitigate risk using its complete set of onboard sensors and innovative machine learning technology.

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