Changing the World of Security

robotic security - gamma 2 roboticsRAMSEE Security Robot

The world of security is in turmoil. There is an ever-growing need to provide more and better security services, while the marketplace simultaneously demands lower and lower prices.

In an effort to reduce the commoditization of the security business, industry leaders have turned to integration to help offset the rising costs of labor and the demand for lower prices. But commoditization can only go so far. Cameras and other sophisticated detection sensors take time and money to install and manage…period.

This is why RAMSEE, Gamma 2 Robotics’ security robot, is the perfect force multiplier that complements and enhances human capabilities. Our security robots provide an array of new security services from roaming capture video surveillance to monitoring temperature, humidity, smoke, gases and more. These services are in high demand in a variety of client settings such as warehouses, data centers, manufacturing facilities and retail locations.

These capabilities, along with reduced operating costs, position RAMSEE as the ideal solution for today’s security challenges.

Our robots function with limited supervision, or can be integrated into the most complex security operations and management centers.